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Android Studio is an integrated development environment for Android apps.

In 2013, Google released Android Studio to ease mobile application development on Android. And it performs this function excellently.

The IDE software features a "what you see is what you get the layout." Along with the drag and drop UI generator, Android Studio includes tools and SDKs for testing, debugging, and integrating with other SDKs.

Besides, the program now supports multiple projects from the same codebase using different APKs. This will enable users to create variants quickly and efficiently.

Google recommends using Studio for Android app development. As such, the IDE gets Android-related updates before any competitor in the market.

Features of Android Studio

Here are some of the highlights of this software program.

Easily Integrates With Google Services

Since Google developed the tool to be used on Android development, it comes with great support for Google services in the IDE. This makes it easy for developers to integrate these services into Android applications.

Based on the powerful IntelliJ IDEA

Unlike its predecessor, which is based on Eclipse, Google built Android Studio on Jetbrain's Flagship Java IDE. In addition to being open-source, IntelliJ IDEA also provides several useful features.

Instant Run

For a while now, Google has been working to improve the IDE's speed. For the most part, the company attained this feat, going as far as 2.5 times the speed of older versions of the IDE.

However, the software's most significant achievement when it comes to speed is a new feature called Instant Run. Thanks to the new feature, developers can update parts of the code and see the changes almost instantly.

Gradle Build Tool

Moving away from the outdated Apache Ant, Android Studio now uses Gradle as the official build tool for projects.

Now developers can very quickly do things that would otherwise be challenging on other build systems. For example, the Gradle makes it easy to upgrade the build system without breaking the project itself.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Android Studio is available on multiple platforms. These include Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Other features of this software program include:

  • GPU Tracking
  • Live code updates and app rendering
  • Can test Google Play Services API from the emulator

Download Android Studio (Version 3.6.3)


Windows version 3.6.3:

This minor release fixes a caching issue for modules with DataBinding and bundles the Kotlin 1.3.71 plugin.

macOS version 3.6.3:

This minor release fixes a caching issue for modules with DataBinding and bundles the Kotlin 1.3.71 plugin.