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Update your ASUS system BIOS software


ASUS WinFlash lets you check the BIOS file prior to initiating the flashing process on your ASUS motherboard. Each step is provided via a quick wizard to walk you through stepwise— this makes it a convenient option for upgrading or downgrading your BIOS system without having to use any removable or bootable tools. It’s good to always have the most recent version on your device to make sure any possible hardware compatibility issues or known bugs are fixed before they turn into a problem.

Although updating BIOS is not absolutely necessary, ASUS tends to provide frequent updates to help fix bugs, as well as issues with your hardware.

This tool will allow you to get the latest BIOS file from the official website. Alternatively, it lets you install the bios from your USB thumb drive.

WinFlash does not provide plenty when it comes to functionality, only the option to flash BIOS that has been obtained. After adding a BIOS file to your ASUS WinFlash tool, it will display information about the file in the UI.

Upon verifying that you have obtained and are currently using the right BIOS file, you’ll be given the option to "Flash." Hit the button and your system BIOS will be updated within minutes.

ASUS WinFlash further lets you downgrade to an older BIOS version— this can come in handy if, for some reason, the BIOS you’ve downloaded doesn’t work properly or you don’t have the wrong file.

WinFlash boasts an easy-to-use, simple interface, providing you with all the essential information regarding BIOS like the model, build date, version, etc. The other side comprises information about the upgraded BIOS and options for updating your system or closing the program.


  • Launched by ASUS
  • Update BIOS of all ASUS motherboards
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple process
  • Fast and convenient
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Free of cost

Keeping your system BIOS up-to-date is crucial as it reduces potential security threats. However, it would traditionally require you to prepare a bootable drive and navigate through a series of text-only screens while booting, which contained a range of technical terms.

Luckily, WinFlash makes it possible to avoid such boring processes entirely, all the while keeping your BIOS updated and maintaining high security. The program works great in the familiar Windows environment. It has an easy step-by-step guide that makes the whole process of upgrading your BIOS more convenient.

With more PCs being manufactured without any optical drives, tools like WinFlash can be extremely beneficial. If there’s ever a need to perform a clean installation of Windows onto machines (e.g., netbooks), a small tool like ASUS WinFlash can be an excellent solution for you.

Download ASUS WinFlash (Version 3.2.10)


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