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BitLord is a free p2p file-sharing program that's designed to manage torrent files. House of Life first developed and released BitLord back in December 2004 based on and under license of Bitcomet.

The program not only manages torrent files, but it also offers the ability to stream both audio and video. There's also a built-in browser along with subtitles support.

Along with support for simultaneous download, BitLord also allows download queue, fast-resume, speed-limit, port-mapping, among others. The torrent client works on macOS as well as Microsoft's Windows. However, it has no Linux version.

Here's a breakdown of the features.

Primary Features of BitLord

Here are the main features of this software program.

Rich Customization

BitLord offers rich support for BitTorrent extension and protocols. These include magnet links, private torrent links, peer exchange (PEX), among others.

In addition to bandwidth control on individual torrents, users can also control the encryption type. BitLord also supports IPV6 as well as RSS readers.

Light-weight Program

The setup file is in a compressed format with a file size that's less than 2MB. However, it downloads additional data of up to 40MB during the setup process.

Although the torrent client carries tons of large files, it's activities require minimal system resources.

Auto-managing Options

It is all clients' p2p features with the auto-managing option to easily enable tons of features.

These include pausing and resuming downloads, creating playlists, as well as prioritizing first and last pieces of torrents. You can also use security and privacy features such as password protection, ad blocker, etc.

Built-in Search and Comment Functions

BitLord has a built-in search function with a simple process of locating and downloading from torrent sites. A comment feature also allows you to comment on torrents downloaded on BitLord.

Other features include support for Chromecast and Airplay. Besides, the torrent client also has a video and audio player - a built-in version of the VLC Player.

BitLord interface is easy to understand, and if you are a regular torrent client user, you can start using this software immediately you download and install it.

However, while installing the software, the installer could offer additional software for download. You can choose not to allow these other installations.

Although BitLord is free, it also comes with tons of ads. So, unless you turn on an adblocker, you may find the user experience a bit distracting. Also, the torrent client has limited filter options.


Windows version 2.4.6-350:
  • BitLord should always handle ‘magnet’ and ‘torrentstream’ link in browser.
  • Fix: in torrents view last column became wider after app restart.
  • Fix: after torrent added sometimes it disappears in “All Downloads” section.

macOS version 2.4.6-348:

  • Updated to VLC 3.0.8 (better video support)
  • Improved chromecasting. Chromecasting now ends when player is closed.
  • Ad blocking on by default in browser
  • Fixed subtitle bug. If there is a problem loading subtitles dialog only shows once.
  • Improved app exit process. This should prevent BitLord from hanging on exit in some cases.