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Defraggler is a disk optimization software from Piriform.

As a computer owner, you must defragment your hard drive regularly. That’s why Microsoft’s Windows in-built defragmenter is turned on by default. While the program performs is quite capable of the essential task, its operation is relatively limited.

And that’s where Defraggler comes in.

The defragmenter tool offers more features than the utility tool that comes with Windows OS. From quick performance to detailed statistics, Defraggler promises to be the only software you need for disk defragmentation.

One unique Defraggler feature is its ability to defrag files individually. That way, if you have issues with any of your programs, you can target them in a quick defrag process. Not only will this improve the program’s performance, but it could also increase your computer speed.

Piriform Defraggler displays the disk layout in a vast mosaic of colored fashion. So, you can watch as the colors leap and bounce while it reads or writes on various sectors.

Although the interface doesn’t offer an improved functionality over Window’s graph style, it’s hard to deny the aesthetic appeal.

Features of Defraggler Disk Fragmentation Software

1. Defrag Files

Defragmenting files is the primary feature of this software, and it’s good at it.

The tool organizes your drive map to show the blocks that are empty, not fragmented, or needing defragmentation. That way, you can select and defrag the exact files you want

2. Full Customization

Defraggler gives full control of which drives, folder, or files you want to defrag. On the other hand, you could simply use the program’s default settings and let it do the work for you.

3. Scheduled Defragmentation

Since the program has a scheduling feature, you don’t have to run the defragmentation manually. Instead, schedule Defraggler to run daily, weekly, or monthly — and wake up to a faster PC.

4. Safe and Secure

Defraggler promises to deliver a safe and secure defragging experience. The software uses the same technique as Windows to read and write such that files will not become damaged.

5. Defrag Free Space

Along with files folders, and drives, Defraggler can also defragment free space. Thanks to this proactive solution, you can prevent fragmentation before it occurs.

Defraggler is fast and easy to install. What’s more, it’s simple enough for everyday use, while offering the flexibility that advanced users will appreciate.

However, its lack or registry scan function could be a deal-breaker for some users.

Download Defraggler (Version 2.22.995)


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