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Software issues on a computer often arise from the simplest things, whether it's bloatware or a corrupted registry. Fortunately, the right utility tools can help fix these issues.

But, what happens when the source of the problem is an outdated hardware or software driver? Well, that's where DriverUpdate comes in.

Developed by SlimWare Utilities, DriverUpdate is a software tool for installing the latest drivers updates on your system. That way, your computer will perform at lightning speed, even if you're using an older operating system.

The program quickly scans your system, then identifies the driver downloads that are required to maintain proper functioning on your computer. But there's more.

Features of DriverUpdate

1. Quick Scan

Thanks to its cloud-based technology, not only are the scan on DriverUpdate fast, but it's also thorough. It could take the software tool as little as 10 seconds scan to uncover loads of driver-related issues.

2. Scheduling

Although DriverUpdate has a manual scan option, most users will enjoy the scheduling option.

In the software tool's Options tab, users can choose whether to run the software scan at startup. Alternately, you can select the time that you want it to check for updates, whether daily or monthly.

3. Backup and Restore Features

DriverUpdater has a backup and restore option.

Before updating a system driver to the latest version, this software tool first performs a backup. That way, users can restore their computer to the previous functional driver.

4. Supports Older Operating Systems

Perhaps the best part about this award-winning software is its support for various versions of the Windows Operating System. Whether you're running Windows XP or Windows 10, UpdateDriver will automatically download drivers to maintain your PC's stability.

4. Provides System Information

If you're unsure of your machine's hardware spec, you're in luck. Running a quick scan on your system with DriverUpdate could reveal details about your PC's operating system. These include CPU, GPU, and RAM.

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