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DVD Shrink is a freeware that’s used to copy or rip DVDs on Microsoft’s Windows.

As the name implies, DVD Shrink is designed to help users reduce the amount of data stored on a DVD with minimal loss of quality. And this software is pretty good at what it does.

For example, many commercially released films are dual-layer — that’s 8.5 GB. With DVD Shrink, you can reduce the size of the file to fit into a single-layer rewritable DVD — 4.7 GB. What’s more, it performs this function within minutes with minimal loss of quality.

DVD Shrink also offers its users the ability to efficiently and effortlessly handle DVD files.

The program comes with a DeCSS decryption algorithm, which enables it to open and decrypt many available DVDs. As a result, it can open files contained in the VIDEO_TS folder as well as disk image files. These include ISO, IMG, NRG, and MDS/Ixx.

Let’s delve a little deeper.

Features of DVD Shrink

Here are some of the features of this software tool.

Reauthor Mode

In Reauthor mode, DVD Shrinks allows users to select specific DVD elements to retain or cut from a shrunken disc. These include the Main Title, Menus, audio tracks and subtitles, and Special Features.

If you select the Main Title only, the program automatically compresses the file to fit the selected size of the DVD. Selecting the Special Features, on the other hand, enables users to set the compression using the Custom Ratio Option manually.

Full Disk Mode

In Full Disk mode, DVD Shrink users can make a functionally identical backup copy of a DVD. Also, it becomes possible to replace sections of the DVD — such as messages, logos, and titles — with still images.

Full Disk mode on DVD Shrink supports both automatic and manual compression. And this allows users to conveniently select the most suitable compression for Menus and Special Features.

Remove DVD Copy Protection

DVD Shrink can remove some of the most popular copy protection for DVDs. These include the RC, RCE, as well as the Content Scramble System used by most commercial DVDs.

Preview Disc Content

The program comes with a video player that allows users to get a glimpse of the disc content.

Pros and Cons of DVD Shrink

This shrinking tool comes with a straightforward interface that most users will quickly grasp. It’s fast and has an impressive capacity to encode 8 GB DVD to 4.7 GB DVD.

However, the software’s author stopped updating it as far back as 2005. As a result, it doesn’t have support for the more recent versions of Windows OS.

Download DVDShrink (Version


  • Added Quality Settings tab in the backup dialog, with option to enable AEC "adaptive error compensation" algorithms.
  • Updated to NeroSDK 1.05, which includes support for burning DVD-9 dual-layer media. Added DVD-9 target size in preferences window.
  • Removed "burn with DVD Decrypter" checkbox and replaced with a selectable backup target.
  • Added burn with CopyToDVD as a backup target, this appears if CopyToDVD is installed.
  • Added automatic support for splitting ISO files if they are saved to a FAT32 partition. In this case a .MDS file is also output which can be burned with DVD Decrypter and mounted by Daemon Tools. MDS files can additionally be opened with DVD Shrink from the "Open Disc Image..." menu.
  • Added support for replacing a title with a custom image. A default image from Guy Incognito is installed.
  • Added "InstallPath", "InstallApp" and "InstallHelp" keys to the DVD Shrink registry.
  • Added "March by ZeF69" toolbar.
  • Fixed bug where Panscan and Letterbox subpicture streams could be erroneously discarded in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug if volume label exceeded 32 characters.