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Simulate mouse movements


Mouse Jiggler is a relatively small yet helpful tool that simulates your mouse movement.

You have two options for this:

  • Normal movement: your cursor movement is detected.
  • "Zen" mode: does the same thing except there’s no cursor displayed.

The tool itself has no other fancy functions other than simply mimicking mouse movement. This nifty functionality is very useful when specific situations are considered, not least of which is to disable disrupting screensavers that can then prevent you from having to unlock your system.

The program doesn’t require any setup. You can start reaping its benefits once downloaded and saved on your PC. Also, it doesn’t need configuration. All you really need to do is activate the jiggle function and let the app take care of the rest.

The main concept behind the app is to monitor your mouse movements and, as soon as it recognizes it hasn’t been used for a bit, moves the cursor back and forth. It’s worth noting that it does all this without having to change your window focus or render the keyboard or mouse obsolete. Consequentially, you should able to continue opening windows, playing a variety of games without any hitch.

Mouse Jiggler is silently in the system tray. It can be activated and consequently deactivated at any time with just a few clicks.

Using the tool also doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day computer activities. Let’s check out the key features of this powerful tool.

Key Features

  • “Zen jiggle” enables a mode where the pointer is virtually jiggled. Because the system takes it to be moving, and thereby, screen saver activation is prevented, the pointer doesn’t actually move.
  • In order to minimize Mouse Jiggler from your system tray, click where it is marked with a green, down-pointing arrow.!
  • If you’re looking to start the MouseJiggler with the jiggling function already enabled, simply run the MouseJiggle.exe paired with either the -j or --jiggle command-line switch.
  • While the "-z" or "--zen" command-line switch prompts zen jiggling to be allowed for the current invocations of Mouse Jiggler, the (incorporated in 1.5+) “-m" / "--minimized" command-like switch commands Mouse Jiggler to start minimized already.

All in all, Mouse Jiggler is a helpful tool. It is one of the few ad-free and/or completely free programs out there that genuinely provide you with options you need on a regular basis. Remember, Mouse Jiggler is a mouse, on the hardware side. That's how the PC can see it. If you plug in a USB mouse, Mouse Jiggler should work just fine.

Download Mouse Jiggler (Version 1.8.30)


Sorry, we don't have any changelog information available yet for version 1.8.30 of Mouse Jiggler for Windows. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.