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Remove junk and broken files from your system


SlimCleaner Free is a lightweight utility suite for removing junk and broken files from your system.

The traditional PC tune-up utility is designed to perform a specific function, and that’s to improve your computer’s overall performance. To accomplish this task, such software tools usually have to defrag the hard drive, repair Windows registry, and delete junk files.

However, SlimCleaner Utilities takes it a step further.

In addition to these traditional features, this tune-up utility uses data from its extensive user base to recommend the optimal settings for your PC. What’s more, SlimCleaner Utilities rewards its users for contributing accurate information back to the community.

Think of this program as a blend of utility and social networks. And it exists to improve the overall performance of your computer.

Features of SlimCleaner

1. One-Click Scan

SlimCleaner has a one-click scan feature. Simply click the “Analyze” icon to see a list of problems on your computer.

After completing the scan, you can then use the “Clean” icon to remove all the issues, including all the junk files and web cookies.

2. Uninstaller

As you may have guessed, the Uninstaller feature on SlimCleaner Utilities provides a list of the programs on your system. So, you can use the tool to uninstall unwanted applications.

3. Browser

The browser section of this utility tool highlights the list of browsers on your computer.

Clicking on one of these browsers would then unveil an impressive amount of information. These include the default homepage, toolbars, extensions, as well as plugins installed on the browser.

4. Shredder

Users can delete files or an entire folder with SlimCleaner’s shredder feature.

The utility tool offers various shredding levels based on the level of security. These include Quick, Safe, Thorough, as well as Guttman shredding.

Since it’s impossible to recover a shredded file, you may want to use this feature with caution.

5. Community Recommendation

SlimCleaner warns you when you’re about to uninstall software that’s popular in the community. Thanks to this useful feature, you’ll know not to remove a file that may prove crucial to your computing experience.

6. Optimize Startup Items

This utility software allows users to identify the resources that could slow the boot process on a system. That way, you can alter how programs boot at launch for optimum boot time.

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