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Smadav is a nifty Antivirus software for Windows systems, used for additional protection. Although you cannot use it as a surefire alternative to main virus protectors like Avira, Norton, or AVG, Smadav protects your Windows system from external linked devices, e.g., USB Flash Drive, Memory cards, and so on.

The app is compatible with your main Antivirus software and works as an additional layer of defense. While it cannot exclusively enhance your system performance, Smadav can come in handy in a number of ways.

Not all antivirus programs are compatible with a robust antivirus specifically designed to protect your computer. However, that is not the case with Smadav. It is one of the few antivirus programs designed to provide an extra layer of protection, which makes it compatible and you can install and run the program in conjunction with another powerful antivirus software on your computer. Smadav uses its own techniques (behavior, whitelisting, heuristic) to find and remove viruses, improving the overall security of your device.

USB Flash Drives are an increasingly popular media that spread viruses. Smadav utilizes its own unique technique to prevent virus spread. It can also kill infections in USB Flash Drives. It detects a variety of new unfamiliar viruses in the Flash Drive. Smadav not only provides protection but can further clean your USB stick from viruses and restore infected/ hidden files in the Flash Drive.

Smadav only uses a small fraction of your computer resources. It mostly uses very small memory (less than 5MB) and CPU usage is usually under 1%. With this extremely small resource usage, the program won’t slow down your computer. This way you can install another robust antivirus and have them both work simultaneously to protect your device without any lags.

The Smadav antivirus can clear viruses that have already infected your device and can also fix any registry changes made by an unknown virus. There are a number of tools embedded in the program, which helps it perform effective virus cleaning.


  • Users can upload any files, infected or not, to be analyzed
  • You can modify any aspect of the OS that may have been virus affected
  • Option to force PC to enable the manual control of running processes
  • Fast and deep scanning tools
  • Block/immunize disk units concerning potential infections

Download Smadav Antivirus (Version 13.6)


Sorry, we don't have any changelog information available yet for version 13.6 of Smadav Antivirus for Windows. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.