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Tera Term is a free, open-source, software-based terminal emulator application. The tool emulates several different categories of computer terminals, ranging from DEC VT100 to DEC VT382. Tera Term supports SSH 1 & 2, telnet, and serial port connections. Also, it has an embedded macro scripting language along with several other nifty plugins.

The clean interface lets you perform multiple actions effortlessly and on the go. You’re allowed to choose the host and port, as well as pass one or multiple commands to the connected SSH or Telnet host.

You’ll find a range of encryption and authentication modes available for the embedded web server. You can activate HTTP listening mode, choose the IP and port, and pick a connection via SSL or HTTP.

Moreover, you can incorporate a certificate name and password file, enable incoming requests, allow the creation of status reports, and choose a remote connection/ disconnection. You can export the results and error log to HTML.

Because Tera Term acts as a facilitator between web-based app servers and any remote SSH/Telnet host, you can utilize this tool to regulate and monitor any program with a Telnet-based interface.

Tera Term is a highly useful app that allows the connection to remote SSH/Telnet hosts. The crisp and clean layout makes it easier to operate with. The app also doesn’t take forever to wrap your head around. It’s lightweight and consumes little no CPU/RAM usage. If you’re looking for a free terminal emulator that is easy to use, excel, and one that supports remote SSH or Telnet host connections, look no further than Tera Term.

Key Features

- TCP/IP (SSH1, SSH2, telnet) connections

- Log replaying

- IPv6 communication

- Named pipe connection

- VT100 emulation; preferred VT200/ 300 emulation

- Serial port connections

- File transfer protocols ( XMODEM, B-PLUS, YMODEM, ZMODEM, Kermit, and Quick-VAN)

-- TEK4010 emulation

- UTF-8 character encoding

- English, Japanese, Korean, and Russian character sets

- Scripts using the "Tera Term Language"

- Message catalog(English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Russian, and Chinese)

All of our test runs proved that this tool is, in fact, a powerful app that can be supervised with different expertise. It’s easy to download and install and offers third-party integrations that may be useful in terms of providing support for additional functions.

To wrap up, all of Tera Term’s functions are convenient and faster. Tera Term is licensed as freeware for computers with Windows 32-and 64-bit operating systems. It’s available for everyone to use on their PC/laptop.

Download Tera Term (Version 4.105)


  • Changes
    • Added SFMT information on version dialog.
    • Changed of indication from "Protocol" to "IP version" and from "UNSPEC" to "AUTO" on New connection dialog.
    • When the opacity value of the window is temporarily changed by operating the mouse wheel on the title bar of VT window, the tooltip of the opacity value is shown.
    • The location of resizing tooltip is automatically moved to coordinates after resizing.
    • Added slider for specify the opacity values on the Visual tab of the Additional settings dialog. When transparency is not available, made opacity not changeable.
    • Eterm look-feel: Added the Mixed ThemeFile to Background configuration. Also, added the BGIgnoreThemeFile entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is off.
    • When the opacity values of the Additional settings dialog is input over than 255, the value is automatically changed to 255 over the dialog.
    • Added support for REP control sequence.
    • Added support for xterm ED 3 (clear scroll buffer) control sequence.
      • Added the "Accept clearing scroll buffer from remote" setting on the Control Sequence tab of the Additional settings dialog. The default value is off.
    • Added /OSC52= command line option for change the "Clipboard access from remote" setting.
    • Added the Logging and the Logging menu into the File menu.
    • The start of the text selection with the mouse can be delayed by setting.
      • Added the MouseSelectStartDelay entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is 0.
    • Serial port connection
      • Added support for hardware flow control DSR/DTR with serial connection.
        • The hardware is renamed to RTS/CTS, and DSR/DTR is newly added on the Flow control of Serial port (Setup menu).
        • MACRO: The DSR/DTR can be specified in setflowctrl command.
      • The Setup-port dialog can be called even while TCP/IP connection.
      • The title of Setup-port dialog is changed from "Serial port setup" to "Serial port setup and connection".
      • The detail information of COM port is added on the Setup-port dialog.
      • The tooltip of the speed setting is added on the Setup-port dialog.
      • The OK button notation in the Setup-port dialog is changed referring to the connection state.
      • The OK button can not be pressed in the Setup-port dialog when no COM ports are available.
    • MACRO: When setdlgpos macro command has no argument, the dialog box is located on the default position.
    • MACRO: The dialog position specified by setdlgpos becomes to not be out of range in display.
  • Bug fixes
    • The tooltip during resizing can not be displayed on the left and top edge of the desktop. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
    • Eterm look-feel: When an image file is randomly selected with the wallpaper, invalid file may be selected.
    • The help button of File-Log, File-Transfer, Setup-Font and Printer dialog does not work well. This bug was introduced in 4.104.
    • Fixed a problem that TTIMESV (Save IME status) / TTIMERS (Restore IME status) control sequences do not work.
    • The help button on the printer dialog can not be shown from Windows 2000 to 10. The help button on the printer dialog can be shown on all Windows except Windows95.
    • The macro window tries not to terminate when ESC key is pressed. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
    • Tera Term tries not to terminate when TEK window is closed. This bug was introduced in 4.103.
    • When the DPI is changed while menu bar hidden, the window size is correctly adjusted.
    • When DPI is changed, an application fault occurs on Windows 8.1.
    • The window title is garbled when receiving the window title setting control sequence which contains the kanji characters.
    • MACRO: The button of yesnobox selected with left or right arrow key is reversed.
    • The help button on the Save setup, Restore setup and Load key map dialog can not be shown.
    • Save setup dialog shows incorrectly "Open as read-only" check-box on Windows95/98/NT4.0.
    • MACRO: Error is displayed correctly when string constant is not terminated.
  • Misc
    • Bug fix: A font(TSPECIAL1.TTF) copy may fail when Tera Term installs from the installer.
    • NOTE: CygTerm+ binary included in the installer becomes to be supported on Windows Vista or later. Please build CygTerm+'s source code by using Cygwin for older Windows, if CygTerm+ wants to run on older Windows.
    • upgraded TTSSH to 2.91.
    • upgraded TTProxy to
    • upgraded TTXResizeMenu Plug-in to 1.06.
    • upgraded TTXttyrec Plug-in to 1.04.
    • Changed e-mail address of Contacting the author.