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Manage Windows-formatted USB drives on macOS


Tuxera NTFS is an incredible NTFS driver. It was developed from everyone’s favorite open-source NTFS 3G driver that happens to be a natural component of all significant Linux distributions, and also boasts many users on Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X.

Tuxera NTFS was designed to provide you with maximum performance when obtaining NTFS drives, all while keeping your personal data safe and secure. It offers some cool functionality to its free counterpart, NTFS 3G, as well as commercial support.

You can use Tuxera NTFS as a feature-rich version for about 15 days, give or take. After that period, you can unlock Tuxera NTFS using a license key and you’ll be given access to reap all of its benefits.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac OS works great with both 32-and 64-bit kernel modes. It has support for pretty much all the existing releases of NTFS. The app also makes it convenient for users to create NTFS support for each NTFS version. You can create NTFS partitions and disk images effortlessly.


1. Full Interoperability: The Mac OS X provides limited support for Windows NTFS-formatted HDDs, as well as other storage media by default. OS X is only able to read files from Windows-formatted HDDs, which leaves you unable to copy, edit, or remove anything. Luckily, Tuxera NTFS solves this issue by providing complete read and write abilities across different platforms.

2. Ultra Speeds and Full Data Security: Tuxera NTFS offers the fastest and smoothest NTFS file transfer speed on any Mac device while also protecting your private data with the smart caching layer.

3. Rich in Features: Tuxera NTFS supports all versions of OS X completely, including Sierra. The Tuxera-only pro features comprise support for several NTFS extended attributes. The software is compatible with common encryption and virtualization solutions including VMware Fusion®, Parallels Desktop®, etc.

Other Features: Works in 32-and 64-bit kernel modes; all versions of NTFS are supported; Create NTFS partitions; make an NTFS disk image; verify/repair NTFS volumes.

Tuxera NTFS is compatible with a number of third-party apps like Parallels Desktop, Vmware Fusion, TrueCrypt, etc. Overall, Tuxera NTFS for Mac can be an impressive choice for Mac lovers, especially those looking to access, read and write different disk partitions formatted using Windows.

Download Tuxera NTFS (Version 2019)


  • Support for macOS Catalina